Frequently asked questions

Paid the application, how soon will funds come to my account?

Exchange takes place automatically:

  • Yandex.Money - the first exchange is carried out after 12 hours, subsequent exchanges are performed instantly. For more details, see the Yandex.Money exchange rules
  • Qiwi - Qiwi payout time up to 5 minutes
  • Bitcoin - an exchange for receiving Bitcoin is performed after transaction 1 receives confirmation in the network

Applications paid less than the minimum amount of exchange are not executed and funds are non-refundable.

Rules for exchanging Yandex.Money

In connection with the frequent cases of fraud with customer accounts, the Yandex.Money system recommends that the electronic currency exchangers check the transfers, delaying them for two business days (48 hours). That is how much time is allocated to users of the system to detect theft on their accounts.

We carry out verification of details once. Checking takes only 12 hours!

  • If you exchange Yandex.Money for another electronic currency on our website for the first time, funds will be credited to your account after 2 hours from the date of payment of the application, for amounts above 15 thousand rubles (the sum of all applications) - after 12 hours.
  • Subsequent exchanges with the same Yandex.Money account number will be instant if you have registered before the first exchange.
  • The exchange of a registered user with a new Yandex.Money account number occurs with a delay in accordance with the terms of the first exchange.
  • If after the first exchange 48 hours have passed and the exchange amount is more than $ 500 then an additional check is carried out.
  • By filling out and paying for the exchange application, you confirm that you agree that the exchange will be made in accordance with the rules.
  • By decision of the administration, a delay in payment of up to 48 hours may be established.
  • Refunds are made net of the commission of the payment system for the transfer.

Limitations on Qiwi wallets

The payment is not carried out because of the restrictions the recipient can have in 2 cases:

  1. On your Qiwi wallet there is no place to get the required amount;
  2. The monthly turnover of funds in your wallet is exceeded.

In order not to encounter a restriction when using Visa Qiwi purse, we recommend that you pass the identification in advance.

Depending on the level of identification, you can have one of the 3 statuses of the Visa Qiwi Wallet user and different degrees of opportunities:

The balance on the account is no more than:
Turnover for the month:
15 000 ₽
40 000 ₽
60 000 ₽
200 000 ₽
600 000 ₽
No restrictions

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Can I pay for Yandex.Money exchange through a mobile application?

For applications in the amount of 30 thousand rubles, it is possible to pay through a mobile application.

To pay the application in this way, copy the recipient's account, the amount and the payment comment from the payment form of the browser to the application and confirm the transfer to the specified requisites. Upon completion of the transfer, inform about the payment to the online support operator, he will start the execution of the application.

Please note that this method of payment is only possible during the hours of the support service.

An exchange with an amount less than the specified amount paid through the mobile application will be canceled with a refund minus the payment system commission.

The service is not responsible for paying for the exchange to the details not belonging to the service, in case of user mistake while copying the transfer details to the mobile application.