Bonus program

The system of accumulative bonuses developed by us is rightfully one of the best among online exchangers to date. The main thesis of our bonus program is to attract the largest number of regular users and provide them with the best conditions for exchange.

To become a member of the program and already at your first electronic currency exchange operations and receive bonuses, you need to fill out the simplest registration form in which to set your name, e-mail address and password. After registration, your Personal Account will be available for you, in which you can see statistics on all your exchange transactions and your current size of bonus accruals.

The bonus program is cumulative and grows after each exchange operation using an account. The program consists of eight levels, for each of which the number of points and the level of bonus accruals are established. All calculations are made automatically and data about your current level, the number of points and the amount of bonus accruals are reflected in the "My Account" (1 point is equivalent to 1 USD).

Bonus accruals are added to the amount received during the exchange.

Level Points Bonus amount
1 up to 0.07
2 up to 0.09
3 up to 0.11
4 up to 0.12
5 up to 0.14
6 up to 0.16
7 up to 0.18
8 up to 0.20