Agreement on the use of the service

This Agreement defines the conditions of provision of Service "A1Change". The User must read and accept all conditions of this Agreement prior to using the services of Service. Otherwise, User has no right to use the services of Service.

This Agreement is placed for public use on the Internet on the page of site and and can be changed by the Administration of Service unilaterally without additional informing of the User.

The parties of this Agreement are "A1Change" hereinafter "Service" and any physical person that uses the services of Service hereinafter "User".

1. Terms and definitions
1.1. "A1Change" is the trademark that is the name of stock of exchange of titular signs of payment systems and offering own services using the special software interface for all Users.
1.2. The User is any physical person that uses the services of Service "A1Change"
1.3. The titular sign is the conventional digit of this or that payment system that corresponds to an accounting of electronic systems and defines a number of rights according to the agreement of a system of electronic payment and its Client.
1.4. The Payment system is the software and hardware product that has been developed by the third party and is the mechanism of realization of an accounting of monetary obligations, as well as the organization of mutual settlements between its users.
1.5. The services of Service are operations of input and withdrawal of electronic currencies and other services the information about which is placed on the site of Service.
1.6. Payment is the transfer of electronic currency from payer to receiver.

2. Introduction
2.1. This Agreement regulates the relations between the User and Service about services that are provided by Service to the User and cancels any prior agreements between the User and Service on this issue if were any.
2.2. This Agreement does not cancel the current legislation of countries of registration and location of the User and Service, as well as contractual relations between the User and the Payment System(s). If the User cannot use the services of Service according to the current legislation or any other agreements, the use of such services is disallowed to the User and will be acknowledged as illegal.
2.3. Service guarantees and provides confidentiality of the User and his/her operations. Service may provide this information only to the authorized State bodies, officials or representatives of Payment systems having the legal basis to do that.

3. The subject of the Agreement
3.1. The subject of this Agreement is services of exchange of titular signs and other services, the description of which is provided on the site of Service.
3.2. Service offers its services to all users, and does not check the eligibility and legality of possession of User’s titular signs and does not make the supervision over the operations of the User in any of Payment systems.
3.3. Payment systems and/or financial institutions bear the exclusive responsibility for the funds they were entrusted by the User. Service may not be a part of the agreement between the Payment system and/or financial institution and the User and does not bear any responsibility for illegible and illegal use of capabilities of Payment systems by the User as well as does not bear any responsibility for abuse by the User with the functionality of Payment system. The mutual rights and obligations of the User and Payment system and/or financial institution are regulated by according agreements.
3.4. Any finished operation of exchange of titular signs as well as any other operation provided by Service to the User is considered irreversible. It means that it cannot be canceled after its completion – i.e. reception of what had to be paid to the User according to the accepted terms of the operation.
3.5. Service may halt or cancel any performing operation in the case of reception of information from authorized organizations about illegibility of owning titular signs by the User or any other information that makes the provision of services of Service impossible.
3.6. Service may halt or cancel any performing operation in the case if the User violates the terms of this Agreement.
3.7. Service may cancel any performing operation and return the contributed by the User titular signs without provision of any explanations.
3.8. The User is obliged to:
  • exclude any possible complicity in illicit trade or any other illegal operations using the services of Service;
  • exclude any possible complicity in illicit financial transactions, do not use Service to create and develop pyramids as well as not to make any other actions that are contradictory to the legislation and the norms of Law;
  • exclude in own practical activity with the use of Service any actions, performance of which may damage directly or indirectly the fight against the funds laundering and legalization of illicit funds;
  • provide all documents to identify his or her person in the case of reception of request from Service in the case of suspicion of fraud or funds laundering.
3.9. Service is obliged to take any possible and available measures to prevent any attempt of illegal trading, financial fraud, and funds laundering using the services of Service. These include:
  • provision of feasible assistance to law enforcement agencies in searching and capturing financial terrorists that are engaged in illegal funds laundering activity;
  • provision to authorized organizations the entire information about the activity of Service, according to the current legislation;
  • improvement of Service to prevent direct or indirect use of Service in activity that violates the legislation and is aimed at illegal trade, financial fraud, and funds laundering.

3.10. The user gives his or her consent to Service to collect and process personal data that were given during the registration on the site, as well as during the verification procedures.
3.10.1. Personal data includes:
  • family name and the first name;
  • e-mail address;
  • country of residence/citizenship;
  • requisites of used wallets;
  • mobile number;
  • data from an ID document;
  • the address of the location
3.10.2. Processing personal data means recording, systemizing, collection, preserving, elaboration (refreshing, changing), extraction, using, transferring (spreading, granting access, provision), including transnational, depersonalization, blocking, deletion, demolition of personal data that does not subject to special categories, the processing of which requires the written consent of the User.
3.10.3. The processing of personal data is done in order to provide to the sides of this Agreement the possibility to fulfill their obligations, registration of the User on Site, provision of technical support to the User, making applications, provision of Services, consideration of claims and letters, forwarding information or any other message on the e-mail of the User.

3.11. Due to Final Rule of Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) at 31 CFR 1010.100(ff) which requires each foreign-located MSB to appoint a person residing in the United States as an agent for service of legal process with respect to compliance with the BSA and its implementing regulations, A1Change doesn't provide services of e-currency exchange to US citizens and customers located in the United States -
3.12. Services provided by A1Change might not be legally allowed in certain jurisdictions. By accepting these terms and services of A1Change you confirm that you are not a resident of a such jurisdiction, including, but not limited to the Federal Republic of Germany and the United States of America.

4. The services of Service
4.1. Ordering the services of Service and reception of information about the fulfillment of transaction by User are done solely through the contacts with the representatives of Service.
4.2. Service provides its services without a lunch break and will do everything possible to reach the working hours 24/7/365.
4.3. Questions and claims on the applications are accepted within 48 hours since theiremerging. After 48 hours pass, all applications for exchange are considered fulfilled, as they should or unpaid – depending on circumstances of their status at the moment of lapsing of specified time.

5. The cost of services
5.1. Tariffs are defined by the administration of Service and are published on the site of Service. The administration of Service is eligible to change tariffs of Service without prior or additional notice.

6. Taxation
6.1. Service is not the tax agent for the Users and will not notice the User about his or her tax expenses. The User is obliged to pay all taxes at his or her own that are applicable according to tax legislation in the area of his or her residence.
6.2. If there will be any taxes required by proper authorities to be paid by Service on behalf of the User or coverage of the occurred debts due to the refusal of the User to pay taxes, the User is obliged to compensate all such payments to Service.

7. Guarantees and responsibility of parties
7.1. Service provides own services "as is" and as they are described on the pages of the site of Service and does not provide any additional guarantees.
7.2. Service guarantees the performance of liabilities in front of the User only within the limits of amounts that were entrusted to Service by the User to make the transaction.
7.3. Сервис приложит все усилия, но не гарантирует, что его услуги будут доступны круглосуточно и ежедневно. Сервис не несет никакой ответственности за убытки, неполученную прибыль и иные издержки Пользователя, возникшие в результате невозможности получения доступа к сайту и услугам Сервиса.
7.4. Service does not bear any responsibility for losses or lost profits or any other expenses of the User due to delays, errors or failures during handling of bank payments or electronic transfers.
7.5. Service does not bear any responsibility for losses or lost profits or any other expenses of the User due to wrong expectations of the User towards tariffs of Service, the profitability of transactions, and other subjective factors.
7.6. The User guarantees the indemnity of losses of Service (managing company, employees or managers) in the case of filing sues or claims, directly or indirectly connected to the use of the services of Service by the User.
7.7. The User guarantees that he or she is the owner or has the legal right to operate with funds that is used in his or her transactions.
7.8. The User is obliged not to falsify the data transfer that is connected to the functioning of Service.
7.9. The User acknowledges that the contents of the site of Service are protected by the legislation on the protection of property rights, knowledge, and copyrights. Unsanctioned use of such content is illegal.

8. Force majeure
8.1. Neither the User nor Service bear the responsibility in front of each other for non-fulfillment or delay in fulfillment of own obligations that are the result of force majeure, including natural disasters, fire, flood, terrorist acts, change of power, civil unrest, as well as non-operation of Payment systems, energy supply systems, communication networks, and Internet service providers.
8.2. In the case of any error during payment of the exchange, the User will be notified of the status of the application and/or on e-mail.
8.3. In case if the application has been paid after the time allocated for payment of the application (15 minutes) or the payment on your application has arrived after the time allocated for payment of the application - the service reserves the right to return the payment on the application, less the commission back to the client, or to execute the application (with the consent Client) at the current rate if the market rate for the chosen direction of exchange has changed by more than 2%.
8.4. If the rate of application does not match the market for any of the reasons, the exchange Service has the right to recalculate the application at the current rate or issue a refund to the User.

9. Exchange regulations
9.1. Qiwi exchange
9.1.1. Service does not guarantee the execution of the application that is paid after the defined time for payment, 15 minutes. Service reserves the right not to execute the application of the user if the payment was paid after 15 minutes from the moment of its emergence and funds went to blocked Qiwi wallet.
9.1.2. Qiwi payment through terminals isn’t taken.
9.1.3. The maximum number of applications pending payment Qiwi with the same requisites is two. Previous applications with such requisites of the sender and/or recipient will be canceled automatically until the end of the payment period of 15 minutes.
9.1.4. If the Service was unable to automatically complete the exchange operation due to restrictions on the account of the Qiwi recipient, the application will be processed manually for several hours.
9.1.5. Payment for Qiwi exchange using a bank card is not accepted. In case of such payment, the exchange will not be executed, and the funds will be returned to the sender's Qiwi account minus the payment system commission manually.

9.2. Yandex.Money exchange
9.2.1. If you use our service to exchange Yandex.Money on other currency for the first time, your applications will be fulfilled after 2 or 12 hours (the total amount of applications up to 15,000 roubles – in 2 hours, above – in 12 hours).
9.2.2. Next exchanges with the same Yandex.Money account number will be instant, subject to registration before the first exchange.
9.2.3. The exchange of the registered user with the new Yandex.Money account number is delayed according to the terms of the first exchange (paragraph 9.2.1).
9.2.4. Preterm return of funds is done with the payment system commission for the transfer.
9.2.5. If 48 hours have not passed since the first exchange and the total amount of exchange on requisites is above 50,000 roubles, the additional check may be established with the delay up to 48 hours, according to the decision of security service.
9.2.6. The payment using bank cards is not accepted.
9.2.7. For requests for an exchange for an amount of 30 thousand rubles, it is possible to pay through a mobile application. In order to pay the application in this way, the User copies the recipient's account, the amount and the payment comment from the payment form of the browser to the application and confirms the transfer to the specified details. Upon completion of the transfer, the User reports his payment to the online support operator. The online support operator in turn starts the operation. This method of payment is only possible during the hours of the support service. Exchanges with the amount less than 30 thousand rubles, paid through a mobile application, will be canceled with a refund less the commission of the payment system. The service is not responsible for paying for the exchange to the details not belonging to the service, in case of a user error when copying the transfer requisites to the mobile application.

9.3. Cryptocurrency exchange
9.3.1. Applications for the exchange of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin ("Give") are paid and are executed at the moment of receiving at least 1 confirmation by the transaction.
9.3.2. Payouts on applications with cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Zcash, BitcoinCash, Dogecoin, Ripple, NEO, EOS ("Give"). If the transaction on the application was received within the time allotted for payment and received at least 1 confirmation within 3 hours from the moment the application was created, the exchange will be executed at the rate fixed in the application. We recommend setting a commission recommended by the network to confirm the transaction in the first block. The service recalculates the payout amount at the current rate, based on the selected exchange direction:
  • If the transaction on the application came after the time allotted for payment.
  • If the transaction on the application arrived on time, but received at least 1 confirmation 3 hours after the creation of the application.
  • If payout on the application was not made 3 hours after the creation of the application, due to an incorrect account of the recipient or a restriction on the receipt of funds from the recipient.

        The payout of the exchange application is based on the amount of the recalculation.

        The service reserves the right to fulfill the application at the current rate at the time of actual payout. Payout on the exchange application, the payment of which was received after the time allotted for payment, executes subject to the User contacting customer support. The service refunds the received funds minus the payment system commission, in case the user is not satisfied with the exchange rate, subject to the User contacting customer support.
9.3.3. Receiving exchange funds Ethereum, Litecoin ("Receive") can take from 5 minutes to 12 hours.
9.3.4. In the case of high load or technical problems in the cryptocurrencies network (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin), time for delivery of funds to the receivers's account can reach 48 hours, depending on the reasons beyond the control of the Service.
9.3.5. Requests for exchange with cryptocurrencies ("Give"), paid for less than the minimum recommended commission of the payment system, are not subject to execution and refund.
9.3.6. If you paid for the exchange with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin ("Give"), but the funds did not arrive to our service account after 12 hours, inform our support team. When applying, the User must provide a screenshot of the transfer from his wallet or exchange. In the screenshot we should see the date of transfer and the address of the recipient. After the User has applied to the support service and confirmed the transfer with a screenshot, the payment address will be archived. If the User does not apply to this issue between 12 and 24 hours from the time the application was created, A1Change reserves the right not to perform the exchange, paid with a delay of more than 24 hours.

9.4. Return
9.4.1. To make a refund, the User submits a refund request in an email sent to [email protected]
  • The letter should be sent from the mail specified in the application, by which the User wishes to receive a refund;
  • In the letter it is necessary to indicate the application number and details for receiving funds for return.
9.4.2. Return of funds is done with the commission of payment system for the transfer.
9.4.3. Return on the application is done within the range 15 minutes and 12 hours.
9.4.4. Requests for an exchange, actually paid for an amount less than the minimum amount of exchange, are not subject to execution and refund.

9.5. Changing the details of the recipient of the application
9.5.1. To change the details of the recipient, the User submits an application for changing the details of the recipient in an email sent to [email protected]
  • The letter must be sent from the mail specified in the application, for which the User wishes to change the details of the recipient;
  • The letter must indicate the application number and new details for receiving funds.